Hitting us in just one month, hurricane season has its eye on you.  Are you prepared? With these simple tools and tricks, you’ll be calm, cool and collected. Let’s get ready to conquer the storm with this Pre-Hurricane Checklist.

1. Plan Ahead. Don’t wait until the winds pick up to take action. Purchase the items you need from your Pre-Hurricane Checklist in advance and make sure to load your car with gasoline.
2. Damage Control. Prepping for the inevitable minimizes avoidable (well, sometimes!) wreckage of your home. Here are the three key ways to prevent damage: reinforce your garage door and track with center supports, bring in any furniture or objects from your yard, and look out for downed power lines and debris after the storm has passed. Even though it’s over, stay careful!
3. Now that the outside of your house is hurricane-prepped, it’s time to venture inside.  Check that your insurance policies are up to date. Designate a safe room—try a room with no windows or a hallway—to ride out the storm, and devise an evacuation plan so you have a place to go if you need to get out fast.  If you don’t have impact-resistant windows, then shutters are a must. Plywood panels are simply last resort! Cover your furniture with plastic. That way, if your roof starts leaking, you may be able to at least safe your couch. And be sure to take before and after photos of your house, both its interior and exterior, for both insurance reasons and the family album!

Once the storm passes, you can take one quick deep breath, but there is still work to be done.
1. Remember to stay careful and keep a lookout for downed power lines, sharp objects, and debris.  More people are injured in the storm’s aftermath than the storm itself; just because the storm is over doesn’t mean the danger has passed!
2.  Power generators shouldn’t be used indoors or in enclosed areas.
3. Assess all the potential danger areas before you start repair work. Your safety is what’s most important!  If you find that your property did suffer from damage, you should immediately report your claim by calling our toll-free claims number.

Here’s to a safe hurricane season!

Keeping your home safe and protected in the event of a hurricane or accident is important to you and your family.  Florida Peninsula Insurance Company wants to be your Florida homeowners insurance company.  Whether you live in South Florida, the Gulf Coast, North Florida or the greater Orlando area, you will be confident that we will be there when you need us – with our industry leading fast, friendly claims processing and customer service.