Throughout the month of September, families were encouraged to take actionable steps to prepare for natural disasters during National Preparedness Month. However, today is the day!!! September 30th is National PrepareAthon! Day. If you have not yet planned for disasters, now is the time. Living in Florida, we may think the only risk we face is a hurricane, this is not the case.  Protect your family by being aware of risks in your area such as floods, tornadoes, fires, even power outages, and have a good disaster plan in place. Don’t get complacent thinking “it can’t happen to me”.

Planning ahead is crucial. Being prepared ensures you and your family members remain calm and stress-free, keeping chaos and confusion to a minimum. Review the emergency communication plan at (also available in Spanish) and put their tips to work. Check out the Insurance Information Institute’s resource library on disaster preparations to put a sound evacuation plan in place. Then, make sure your plan works and everyone in your family knows what to do.  Test the effectiveness of your plan by giving yourself 10 minutes to get your family members and pets, along with the most important items you will need, calmly and efficiently into the car and on the road to safety.


Should you be faced with an impending disaster, stay prepared and informed with these local and national resources. Every family should have a preparedness plan in place, and all family members should be involved in the preparation process. “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today”.

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