As people are taking down the Halloween decorations and preparing for the season ahead, don’t forget one tiny detail. It’s time to fall back! Don’t forget to turn back your clocks Saturday night and get ready for the sun to set earlier.

However, there is good news for early-risers in the approaching dark. Mornings will be brighter, the sun will start to rise before 7:30 a.m. and people can get their days started earlier.

Most of us believe that winter begins in December, but solar winter; our darkest quarter of the year, begins around November 5 and lasts through January. During this period, the Northern Hemisphere receives the least amount of solar energy and more than half of the hemisphere is in darkness at any one time.

The beginning of solar winter means that no matter how we turn our clocks, the days are going to be shorter and there will be less time to bask in the sun.  So turn those clocks back! To learn more click here to read this article from the Washington Post.


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