Over the past several months, we have all witnessed the destruction and devastation across the Carolinas caused by flooding. Hurricane Joaquin's remnants remind us of the importance of having flood insurance. Even though Florida has been lucky enough to dodge hurricanes with the potential to bring devastating floods for many years, hurricane Joaquin taught us a hurricane does not always have to make landfall to cause destruction to our homes. In addition, a hurricane just off shore is not the only cause of flooding. Therefore, you should be prepared to avoid learning the hard way, the thousands of dollars in damages flooding can cause. 

Flood coverage is not typically covered by a standard homeowners, condo or renters policy, leaving many homeowners uncovered. Furthermore, a study conducted by bankrate.com found one in five people believe flood is covered under their homeowners insurance policy, which leaves many unaware of the risks associated with flooding.

Any home can experience flood damage, regardless of being located in a high risk flood zone. Prepare for an unexpected flood now by speaking with your agent about how Florida Peninsula can help you obtain flood coverage.

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