Tropical Storm Erika continues to shift in the Atlantic and Florida remains in the cone of concern.  The storm is currently predicted to make landfall somewhere on the Florida Peninsula early Monday morning.  If you haven't already done so, now is the time to prepare.  Ensure your hurricane supply checklist has been completed.  Batteries, canned foods, water, etc. all necessary items to stock pile should the electricity go out for an extended period of time.

What damage can be expected from a Tropical Storm?


  • Wind Damage - high winds and flying debris
  • Water Damage - heavy rain and storm surge
During a storm you and your family should remain inside until the entire storm has passed.  Watch or listen to your local news to give you instructions as to when it is safe to leave your home.  Once it is safe, inspect your home and take any mitigation steps necessary.  Should you experience damage to your home and wish to file a claim, contact your insurance company immediately.

Florida Peninsula insureds should call 866-549-9672.  Should the majority of your damage be water related, please call our water mitigation hotline at 888-332-3149.

At Florida Peninsula it is our number one priority to keep our insureds and their families safe.  For more information on our company or for additional hurricane tips click here.