It’s back to school time and getting ready for the busy daily routine can often put thinking about home safety at the bottom of your to do list. To help keep your family on track we have found some quick, simple tips which may prevent serious injuries during this exciting time. 

  • Always have bright lights over stairs and steps and keep them clear of clutter. If a light is out, be sure to replace it. This will help prevent falls and injuries while rushing out the door in the early morning hours.
  • Keep cleaners, medications and beauty products in place and out of reach of children. If necessary, use child safety locks. And remember to keep your local poison center number nearby and easy to see in case of an emergency. Always dial 9-1-1 if someone needs to go to the hospital right away. 
  • Stay by the stove when cooking. You may be tempted to multitask while preparing breakfast or dinner, but make sure you stay close to the kitchen whenever appliances are on.
  • Keep small objects, such as coins, latex balloons and hard candy where children cannot see or touch them to prevent choking or suffocation.  Keep your counters clear and remind your little ones to put their backpacks away and not leave smaller items accessible to younger siblings to grab.
For more safety tips visit Good luck with the 2011/2012 school year! 

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