Recently, The Wall Street Journal posted an article about a three month study done for schoolchildren ages 5 to 15 on proper hand washing techniques and sick days. A group of children were asked to disinfect their hands with ethoanol-based gel three times a day and were taught proper hand washing techniques. At a nearby school, another group of schoolchildren in the same age range were given written information about the study, but the kids weren’t required to alter their habits.

The results showed, the hand-disinfecting group had 26% fewer missed school days and 22% fewer illness periods than the control school.  A year later the roles were reversed and once again, the hand disinfecting group proved to have missed fewer school days.

Little things like remembering to wash your hands or even correcting poor posture while sitting at a desk or computer all day can prevent sicknesses or injuries. Your health and safety should always be top of mind, try to correct poor habits since it will benefit you in the future.

To read the full study from the Wall Street Journal click here.

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