March is here, and many families are anxiously awaiting their spring break getaways. Whether you are heading out to explore all Florida has to offer, or going out of state, pack your peace of mind with you, knowing you are keeping your home safe from burglars. These tips can help you avoid a break-in while you are away spring break'n.

  • Posting on social media: One of the easiest ways for criminals to know you are out of town is when you post about your vacation plans or photos on your social media accounts. We know you want to share your vacation fun with all your friends on social media, but we suggest you wait to post your photos until you are back from your vacation.
  • Bring in your spare key: Many homes have a hidden key located somewhere on their premise and many criminals are smart enough to go looking for your hidden key while you are away.
  • Keep a light on: Simulate occupancy in your home by putting lights in normally populated areas of your home on a timer. Keeping your lights off night-after-night while you are away is an easy way for criminals to know you are not home.
  • Set your alarm: This seems like a no-brainer, but making sure you have set your alarm while you are not home is a sure way to prevent burglars.
  • Trust your neighbor or friend: Have a trusted neighbor or friend check on your house and collect your mail while you are away.
Have a wonderful spring break and know you are keeping your house safe from burglars with these tips.

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