With changing times, insurance companies and agencies are constantly developing plans to attract and retain consumers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials have become the most popular consumers with 1.6 trillion dollars in purchasing power. As the country's largest generation, at 76.6 million, millennials are growing at a rapid pace as consumers and employees. A survey by Applied Systems, "Why Millennials Matter", as seen in the article, "Reaching the Millennial Consumer", examines how millennials research and buy P&C insurance. 

The survey concluded out of 1,000 millennial respondents, 55% had homeowners insurance, 42% had renters insurance, 89% had auto insurance, and 91% had some form of insurance coverage. The survey also found referrals is the most important way to sell homeowners insurance to millennials based on their friends and family's influence on their buying decisions. 

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