With the gradual rise in the number of water loss claims filed in recent years, it is becoming increasingly more imperative for individuals to implement water loss protection programs to safeguard their homes. Taking preventative measures to stop leaks and unnecessary water loss will not only minimize the risk of severe water damage and hefty expenses, but will give homeowners a sense of ease and comfort within their homes. Although water mitigation companies provide services to protect homes against water damage, homeowners can utilize a few simple remedies themselves to prevent any unwanted water damage.

A few helpful hints include:

·         Accurately locating any existing leaks and thoroughly patching them. Although they might only seem like small leaks, over time, pressure will cause the cracks to expand and give way, allowing more water to pass through.

·         Have the roof, gutters and outside doors checked periodically. Because these are the most direct access points for water to enter the house, it is essential appropriate measures are taken to ensure they are properly sealed.

·         Installing active leak detection services. These devices will alert homeowners when a leak has occurred and will shut off water flow to the appliance. Active leak detection services may be used to monitor individual utilities or an entire property’s water system.

·         Whole-House systems will more accurately monitor large water grids. Once a leak is detected, these devices will automatically shut off the water supply in the entire home to prevent any further leakage and resulting damage.

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