With the start of hurricane season, it's time to ensure your home is protected when disaster strikes. Homeowner's must be able to gather supplies, create evacuation plans, and collect valuables on very short notice. In addition, they must be able to install hurricane shutters in order to protect their windows and the interior of their home. This can often be a labor-intensive and dangerous task, if not done properly. Here are some tips to make sure your shutter installation is as seamless and safe as possible:

  • Always wear protective gloves when installing shutters to avoid being cut by sharp edges
  • When using a ladder, have a second person stabilize the bottom of the ladder
  • Heed warning posted on the ladder (i.e. maximum weight limits, not standing on the top rung)
  • Never install shutters during inclement weather, as this increases risk of injury
  • Make sure screws and bolts are not stripped or damaged
  • Use exta caution when operating drills and power tools
  • Label your shutters to ensure each one covers the correct window
Installing hurricane shutters is a vital step in protecting your home. If you follow these steps, the process with be safe and painless. 

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