In the event of an emergency, having an up-to-date home inventory can help you get your insurance claim settled faster.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your home inventory.

GET STARTED! Creating a list of everything in your home may seem like an intimidating task but once you get started, it’ll become easier to add to your list. Start with the most recent purchases and then work backwards from there.

Check with your insurance agent on valuable items such as jewelry, art work and collectibles. These items may increase in value over time or they may need to be insured separately.

Document your inventory with pictures or videos. On the back of photos, make notes about the item. If you choose the video route, do a walkthrough of your property while describing the contents.

Store your inventory in a safe place. Having an inventory is just the first step. You need to be able to get to it in case of an emergency.

Always update your inventory whenever you make big purchases.

For more information about a home inventory and how to document your belongings, click here

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