Many people envision a certain future for themselves.  Buying a car and a home and raising a family is part of the American dream. In the home, the family experiences many things parties, meals and memories are made. But sometimes, there are accidents.

Many of these home accidents can be easily prevented.  About 1/3 of all injuries which happen in the home tend to affect young children and the elderly, but most of them can be prevented with a bit of extra preparation on behalf of the homeowner.  Here are a few tips from WebMD to curtail certain falls and poisonings.

5 Tips for Preventing Home Injuries


  • Safety-proof your stairs. Remove anything loose on the stairs, floors or in the walkways and make sure there are handrails and lighting over them.
  • Skip the throw rugs if you can. They tend to be hazards and cause trips and falls with young children and elderly.
  • Purchase products wisely, try all natural products and products with safety lids.
  • Post the poison control telephone number in a visible area in case something does occur, you can call quickly.
  • Know what you are purchasing. Make sure to keep items out of reach of the impressionable and clearly label as such. 


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