In the wake of the recent catastrophic tornadoes that have hit the South, we want to make sure you know how to prepare yourself if one happens to strike Florida.

A tornado watch is just an alert to the possibility of a tornado developing where you live. An actual tornado has yet to be seen, but the weather conditions happening are just right for a tornado to form at any moment.

What to Watch For During a Watch
• Hail
• Green or orange skies
• Peculiar or funnel-shaped clouds
• Loud roaring thunder

Keep Watch
• Literally- watch the local news reports, weather updates, and the skies themselves
• Make a plan with your family

• Review your pre-hurricane checklist, the same applies for tornadoes 
• Be ready to seek shelter at the drop of a hat

This is the big-guns. Once a warning has been issued, it means that an actual tornado has been sighted in your area.
You’ve Been Warned.

Now here’s what you need to do.
• Take shelter in a safe structure- the lowest level of your home (basement, etc). If your home is one-story, go to an inner hallway. Just make sure to stay away from windows.
• Listen to your local radio to stay up-to-date
• Cover your head with a blanket to block debris

Warning! Don’t…
• Stay in a mobile home
• Open any windows
• Leave until ALL storms have passed- sometimes another tornado can follow!
• Try to outrun the tornado on foot or in a car. You’ll lose.

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