Since its inception in 2005, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company's senior management team has been resolved in their efforts to give back to the community and inspire young minds. As a program dedicated to introduce high school juniors and seniors to the insurance industry and all of its many career opportunites, InVest was the perfect match for the goals of Florida Peninsula. 

By partnering with the Independent Insurance Agents of Broward County in 2010, Florida Peninsula was proud to provide scholarship funds to high school seniors entering their college life. But it was a visit to a local school which changed our commitment to InVest forever. As the Director of Community Affairs it was my privilege to attend one of the InVest presentations at Deerfield High School in Broward County. It was an incredible experience to see young minds become excited over a traditionally boring topic. Their minds and faces lit up when the information being presented clicked in their minds as they began to consider insurance as a viable career. The inspired students inspired me to bring in additional resources to the program and participate in InVest in other areas of the State. 

In the past 5 years, Florida Peninsula has provided thousands of dollars to high school seniors in Broward, Manatee and Dade counties. Our Chief Legal Officer has volunteered his time and talents to teach fraud and claims procedures to students in the program. This year, I have joined the presenters of InVest in Broward County and have had the honor of introducing classes to the exciting and creative world of marketing. Marketing is not just sales; and now, InVest students know the difference.  We have welcomed students to intern within our company and have hired well qualified students who have shown an interest in the insurance industry. 

Those students who have participated in this program are more knowledgeable on insurance topics which will serve them well as they enter their adults lives, the program also opens their young minds to an entire new world of possibilities. Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is a proud sponsor of young minds and our future is deeply "invested in InVest". 


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