There have been many recent news stories about Citizens Insurance and the opportunity to go with a private carrier. But here are the facts.

If you are insured by Citizens, you have no doubt heard that the company has filed for and received approval for a substantial rate increase. This increase will take effect as many of your policies are coming up for renewal. The good news is that Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is extending an opportunity to a very significant number of Citizens policyholders to move to a private insurer, which offers better benefits for you. 

Florida Peninsula offers you competitive rates and more coverage than you had with Citizens. For example, Florida Peninsula’s coverage plan protects homeowners from off-premise theft of personal property, scheduled personal property, animal liability and earthquake coverage – Citizens does not.


  • Financial Stability: An Exceptional Financial Stability Rating from Demotech, Inc.
  • Better Coverage: click here for a quick comparison
  • Experienced, Fast and Fair claims handling: Adjusted more than 10,000 Hurricane claims since inception
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Competitive Rates
  • Strong Relationships: Florida Peninsula works with over 2000 Independent Insurance Professionals across Florida
  • Company Management: Over 25 years of Florida only homeowners insurance experience

If you have questions about how this will affect you, please call our dedicated Citizens Assumption line at (877) 229-2244, Option 4, to see why we should be your only choice for home insurance in Florida. Florida Peninsula is the 10th largest carrier in Florida, serving more than 100,000 policyholders with Fast, Fair and Friendly service for the last 7 years.

For more information you can also visit our Citizens Assumption Web Page at