With the start of hurricane season, it is important that homeowners are prepared to withstand the effects of a hurricane within days notice. Taking proactive measures and implementing safety features will help minimize the stress of hurricane season and provide individuals with a sense of safety and security. It is not only essential to safeguard your home, but to have an ample supply of emergency food and supplies for yourself, your family and your pets.   A few key tips to take into consideration when preparing for hurricane season include:

·         Have an adequate supply of food and water. This will grant you your basic necessities when confined to your home throughout the duration of the storm.

·         Make sure you have the proper first-aid supplies should an emergency arise.

·         Move all vehicles into a covered garage or other safe location away from trees or other falling debris.

·         Ensure that your pets are wearing tags with proper identification should they become separated from you during the storm.

·         Move all outside furniture indoors and safely secure any other objects that cannot be moved.

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