The New Year is here, if you plan to make New Year resolutions, consider making the following resolutions for homeowners, which are easy to keep and can help you start 2014 right.




·       Check to See If You Qualify for Discounts to Lower Your Premium

Installing alarms in your home which alert local authorities to fires or burglary may help to reduce the premium on your homeowners insurance since it can aid in the prevention and mitigation of a fire or a break in.

·       Make A Home Inventory

Keeping a comprehensive home inventory can help you replace your belongings after a loss, as accurate records will make it less likely to have a dispute between you and your insurance company during the claim process.


·       Find and Fix Gaps in Coverage

One of the worst experiences you can have when filing a claim after a loss is being told, you don’t have the right coverage, and contacting your agent can help you eliminate those scenarios.

All of us at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year’s.

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