Each year, through the collaborative efforts of CSC and the CSC P&C user community, the Agency Link Working Group nominates individuals who have shared their commitment and innovative ideas to continually improve the operations of the Agency Link system.  The working group’s mission is to:


1) shape and refine CSC’s Agency Link and related products resulting in the best web-based solution for insurers/agents which enables agent/carrier interactions to be conducted easily and effectively, resulting in better business; and


2) share and leverage product knowledge and experience to maximize agent and carrier satisfaction.


This year, Jennifer Murray, Inspection Coordinator at Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, was nominated and appointed to serve on this committee.  Over 20 companies are represented in this group and each company has 1 vote.  It is an honor to have one of our very own represented in this talented working group.  It is through the collaboration of many which great ideas take place and improvements become reality. 



In addition to Jennifer's responsibilities as Inspection  Coordinator, other duties of this working group will be to  attend monthly conference calls with the working group user community, assist in creating the agenda for each monthly call,  and assist in organizing the working group agenda for the Spring and Fall network conferences.


Jennifer Murray has been with Florida Peninsula Insurance Company since 2009 as a member of the operations department and has work closely in the development of our website, Agency Link system and other user interfaces.


Congratulations Jennifer on a job well done.


Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is one of the State of Florida's largest homeowners companies providing comprehensive coverage for homes, condos and rental properties.  Visit us at www.floridapeninsula.com for more information.