The unpredictable nature of weather can cause harm to both individuals and property. It’s always important to know the types of disasters that hit in the area where you live. Weather disasters can range from tornadoes and earthquakes to floods, thunderstorms and droughts.

While some storms can be foreseen, others hit without warning. Having supplies readily available is essential to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The following is a list of supplies that you should have ready in case such an event occurs.

 Flashlights with extra batteries
 Portable, battery-operated radio with extra batteries
 First aid kit and manual
 Emergency food and water
 Nonelectric can opener
 Essential medicines
 Cash and credit cards
 Sturdy shoes

Remember to always have an emergency plan with members of the household. Setting a place to meet in case of separation during a storm and knowing who to call during and after, will help avoid confusion and time in the event of an emergency.