There is a new sensation sweeping across the nation’s school playgrounds – lunchbox notes. Fun, creative notes parents leave for their children in their lunches are becoming a big part of daily school life. Kids are even comparing notes with their peers and competing on who has the best note.

A recent New York Times article had some great ideas for moms who would like to leave their child a little love in their lunchbox, and just maybe it will win “Best Note of the Playground.”

·     Disney has downloadable lunch notes featuring a variety of Disney characters and cute messages. One example reads, “Don’t Eat Too Fast!” featuring Lightning McQueen from the movie “Cars.”

·     Pottery Barn Kids sell packages of lunch notes with a message on one side and a trivia question on the other.

·     One parent decorates a banana with a drawing and googlie-eyed stickers, and calls them “happy bananas.”

These new lunch notes are a huge step-up from the simple heart or smiley face scribbled on a napkin. It’s a nice way for parents to unleash some creativity but most importantly, it lets the child know they are loved and thought-of. 

The article did warn against leaving lunchbox notes for kids older than age 10. At the age, it’s just not “cool.”

For more great ideas and the rest of the article, click here.

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