The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center has, almost, the entire State of Florida in the cone of uncertainty for possible landfall of Tropical Storm Isaac, expected to become Hurricane Isaac by Friday.

TS Isaac is currently moving at 20 MPH due West and has sustained of 45 MPH with wind gusts of up to 60 MPH.  It is located at 15.8 N and 60.2 W.  The latest discussion on Tropical Storm Isaac indicates the storm is somewhat disorganized, however, the wind and rain bands are beginning to wrap around the center of circulation of the storm, indicating a push to strengthen as it treks westward.

Although there are many days to watch and track the path of the storm, now is the time to get ready.  We are entering the peak of hurricane season and the last thing you want to be is unprepared.

  • Take a household inventory--in the event of a disater, a home inventory can be your greatest asset.  If your home is lost in a storm, a household inventory will assist you in providing your agent or insurance company with a list of your lost personal property.  There are many ways to compile this information and you may search the internet for companies dedicated to providing you this service, but you can get started by recording the contents of your home using your video camera; make a list of the contents of your home, room by room.  Small steps like these will save you time and aggravation after the storm.
  • Protect your homeowners policy--should it be necessary to file a claim, you want to make sure you have easy access to your policy and the contact information for your insurance agent and insurance company.  Keeping your homeowners insurance policy along with other important documents such as your auto policy, passport, birth certificates, social security cards, etc., in a safe place will also ease the process of beginning to put your life back in order.  You can protect your important documents by inserting them in a waterproof container such as a zip lock bag and store above the floor level in case of flood.  You should also make copies of these documents and send to an out of state friend.
  • Have an evacuation plan--having a plan in case of a mandatory evacuation is essential for an orderly and safe transition to higher ground.  Do you know if you are located in an evacuation zone?  Make sure you know where you are located and make sure you know where you are going.  Find the shelter nearest you and if you have pets, make sure it is pet friendly.  Make arrangements with two or three friends to stay with during, and possibly after, a storm.  Ensure they are in town as the storm approaches and you will be able to stay with them.  These steps can all be performed now to ensure your safety should there be a need for a mandatory evacuation.
  • Family Disaster Plan--the National Hurricane Center provides a checklist for you and your family in order to prepare for the threat of an impending storm.  Make sure to visit their website for this checklist and for the latest updates on Tropical Storm Isaac at

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company stands ready to assist its insureds and the community in the event of a storm.  Are you ready to protect your home and family?

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