Approximately 4.5 million people are affected by dog bites each year. To help reduce the number of injuries due to dog bites, both adults and children should be educated on dog bite prevention. Dog owners should practice responsible ownership, as most dog bites can be prevented. We encourage you to consider these tips and reduce the risk of your dog biting someone:

  • Children are the most common victims of dog bites. Do not leave infants or young children unattended with any dog, and discourage children from disrupting a dog while they are sleeping or eating. 
  • Keep a safe distance away from other dogs who appear to be threatening.
  • Practice caution when exposing your dog to new situations where you are unsure of what their response may be.
  • If your dog begins to develop aggressive and frightening behaviors, seek advice from your veterinarian or animal behaviorist. 


For more information on dog bite prevention, please visit the ASPCA website.


Dog Bite Liability

According to a study by the Insurance Information Institute, dog-related injuries including dog bites accounted for over one-third of all homeowners liability claims paid out in 2016. On average, Florida Peninsula handles 5 dog bite-related claims each month. A Florida Peninsula policy may be endorsed to add animal liability coverage depending on your dog breed. For additional information on animal liability coverage, speak with your agent.


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