It’s that time of year again where spring nights often consist of rain showers and thunderstorms. And although lightning can be a fascinating spectacle to watch, people underestimate how dangerous lightning is. According to “Safe Living in a Dangerous World,” there are an estimated 25 million cloud to ground lightning flashes a year in the United States. It’s extremely important to protect your life, property, and the lives of others promptly, because during a thunderstorm a flash of light could be deadly.

The following are some tips to consider during a storm:
- Find shelter in a building or car
- Keep the car windows closed and don’t take refuge in a convertible
- Unplug appliances, including telephone lines
- Avoid taking a bath or shower or being near running water
- Turn off the air conditioner
- Draw blinds and shades over windows to protect against glass shattering into your home
- Avoid contact with plumbing
- Stay away from doors and windows, and stay off porches
- Do not lie down on concrete floors, and do not lean against concrete walls

*Information is based from “Safe Living in a Dangerous World,” a “living guide” by former chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Nancy Harvey Steorts

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