It’s the start of the new year, which can bring about many changes. One way many try to change is by creating New Year’s resolutions as a way of improving themselves.  Should you be looking for a resolution this year, try out being more organized.  Mountains of paperwork, bills, receipts, and countless other documents, stay cluttered on our desks or in our bags. The experts at Good Housekeeping advise the best way to keep track of all your important documents is to sort and keep them easily accessible. 


Start by grabbing your piles of papers and decide whether you should keep it, or if it can be destroyed. Typically, paperwork and credit card statements over one year old can be discarded. After you have your assortment of documents you do not need, be sure to shred them before you throw it away. Whether you have a shredder or are doing it manually, be sure your personal information is left on the document to prevent identity theft.


The next step is to put important and difficult to replace documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, passports, wills, social security cards, as well as important papers like banking documents and insurance policies, in a waterproof and fireproof safe. Another organizational tip is to create an inventory of household valuables in the case of theft or damage. These documents need to be safe in the event the unthinkable happens, like a burglary or a natural disaster.


All other paperwork which is needed, but less valuable, can be kept neatly in folders in your cabinet. If you do not own a filing cabinet, putting your folders in plastic bins is a great option as it will keep your records safe from dust or damage. You may also consider scanning these documents to keep an electronic copy.  We encourage you to have fun with your organization by color coordinating and labeling your folders for different topics such as family, medical, legal, taxes, etc. You can also find fun flash drives or external memory devices for your electric documents.


We hope this guide to organizing your documents will inspire you to make 2019 an organized and productive year. Happy organizing!


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