For many people in the Sunshine State, summertime goes hand-in-hand with a little fun in the sun and a splash in the pool.  For small children to older adults and everybody in between, it is important to make safety a priority while swimming. To make sure your family is safe at the neighborhood pool, or even at the beach, follow these simple steps.

·        Always make sure there is a lifeguard or a responsible parent on duty to supervise children

·        Be aware: no matter the size of the pool, whether a large community pool or small hot tub, swimming can be dangerous if not carefully monitored

·        Make sure a flotation device is handy near the pool for emergency situations

·        Supervise children at all times and make sure there is no horseplay, such as running, jumping, etc. because of the risk of slipping and falling into the pool or onto the pool deck

·        Only children with experience and the ability to swim and/or be able to float should be allowed in or near the pool

·        Be aware of the depth of the pool and never allow diving into the pool

·        Have a CPR- certified person near the pool at all times

·        For those with small children, keep your pool surrounded with a pool gate at all times to prevent unsupervised swimming

Following these easy steps will ensure a fun, safe swimming experience for all members of the family.  Visit to see more safety tips and information on pool safety.  

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