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Why You Should Have Pet Insurance

Many of us see our pets as members of our household. We let them live in our homes, sleep in our beds, and when we eat, they eat. It has even become popular to celebrate their birthdays or home-coming anniversaries, and will include them in important events such as weddings and family parties. If we are willing to treat our pets as people, why shouldn't they have insurance like we do? There are a number of reasons why your pet should have insurance:  Peace of mind: If anything were to happen to your pet, such as an injury or illness, you won't worry about the vet bill since most pet insurance policies will reimburse more than 80% of the costs. Pet owners without insurance sometimes have to make the hardest decision between paying for medical treatment (which can be thousands of dollars) or putting their pets down.  Rising Veterinary Costs: If you are a pet owner, you probably noticed the costs of veterinary care getting higher and higher. A simple office visit (before the prescript ...

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