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Hurricane Season Comes to an End

Hurricane season comes to end. Brief history of 2012 hurricae season.

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Tropical Depression 5 Turns into Tropical Strom Ernesto

Tropical Storm Ernesto

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Tropical Depression 5 forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Depression 5 forms in the Atlantic

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Close Call for Florida?

Although it looks like Tropical Storm Emily looks like it will graze the East coastline of Florida, it is still 3 days away and too soon to tell if Florida will be affected by this Tropical Storm. 

It is important to stock up on needed supplies while stores are calm and you are not under the stress of protecting your home in the event of landfall.

Check your pantry for canned goods, non perishable items and plenty of water for your family and your pets.

See if you are in an evacuation zone.  If so, consider calling a couple of friends in-land who may be able to help you in case of a mandatory evacuation.  Make these arrangements with a couple of friends to ensure you have options in the event of a storm.  After a storm, take them out to dinner to thank them for their hospitality. 

Keep informed of the future track of Tropical Storm Emily as the slightest shift may mean landfall on the State of Florida. 


Go to to check on recent updates.

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