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Doing Business with Florida Peninsula is easy, so consider representing us in your office. We respond quickly, pay what we owe, and do not use delay tactics. We routinely close 96% of claims without mediation or litigation ... and aim for 100%. We also use technology to help simplify the lives of our agents.

Doing Business with Florida Peninsula is Easy

Why? Because we listen to you, and respond. The bottom line: We are fast, fair and friendly – both to you and your customers. More reasons to join us:
  • Financially sound and secure with a sizable surplus
  • Offers agencies undisputed ownership of its policies
  • Has equitable commissions and rate structures
  • Provides free marketing consultations.

See what we have to offer

While we are not currently appointing new agents, if your agency is interested in a possible future appointment, please complete the Agency Profile Sheet by selecting the link below. One of our representatives will contact you when we begin appointing agents again.
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